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Recommendations & Travel Tips

Things to Remember & Recommended for carrying along

  1. Photo Identity card with full personal details such as Blood group, Medical history etc. 

  2. Personal Medicines along with Medical prescription if you are advised any specific drug. 

  3. Address and Phone number of your family Doctor and contact numbers for immergency.

  4. All travel Documents like Paaport/ Identity cards/Rail / Air ticket/ Confirmation vouchers/Boarding Pass etc.

  5. During the entire tour wear Simas Travel cap, this is useful for locating the group.

  6. Travel with Light, handy baggage that is easy to carry.

  7. Carry Chain & Lock for Baggage during long distance Train Journey.

  8. To avoid Hiring of winter wear carry Warm Clothes, Jacket, Sun Glasses and if possible Raincoat or umbrella with you.

  9. Avoid new pair of footwear and carry sufficient pairs of socks and bathroom slippers.

  10. Small travel & toiletry kit with Cold cream, Antiseptic cream, Talcum Powder, Torch, Camera, Binoculars, Small Knife, Diary, Pen, Safety Pins and Chargers if you are carrying mobile,Digital camera / Handy cam.

  11. If you are traveling by air, enquire about things allowed to carry in hand baggage.

  12. If you are traveling by Air always check the departure times 24 Hrs before the schedule departure, sometimes the timing changes.

  13. Reach the airport as per required check in time.

  14. If you are traveling by Air then your Luggage should have items as per Airline rules.

  15. Recommended that Gents should carry Dhoti/Lungi and Ladies should carry Sari-Blouse for temple visit






Travel Tips: Make your own and your co passenger’s tour more enjoyable

We at “Simas Travels”, sincerely put all our efforts to give you the best tour by carefully designing and planning your tour with lot of innovations,
entertainment and sight seeing points. However without co-operation of all the participants our Tour manager cannot make your Tour memorable.

  • Please follow the time schedule as per Tour Manager’s instructions.

  • Always stay in a group and inform your Tour Manager if you are going alone somewhere.

  • Never leave any bag unattended at any time during the travel.

  • Always keep visiting card of the Hotel with you in which you are staying.